[jaws-uk] Re: PAGE LENGTH IN MS WORD 2007

  • From: "Robin Clayden" <robin.clayden@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 2 Jan 2009 18:29:18 -0000


I don't have Word 2007 but hope I'm not wasting your time here. Do you have the 
usual tabs in page setup where you have a paper size tab? If so, is this set to 
A4? Maybe this is set to a different paper size and thus your 26 lines?

The other thought that occurs is your font size, or line spacing, if these are 
set high it would maybe explain why you're only getting the 26 lines per page.

Apologies if this is a waffle, only throwing in my first reactions.

Cheers, Robin

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  I have recently had MS Office 2007 installed and have come across a really 
strange thing.  My page set up is set to portrait A4 with the appropriate 
measurements.  However, in Word 2007 I am only getting 26 lines per page.  


  In Word 2003 which I had previously the page length was fine (normal amount 
of 50 plus lines).  Having looked in Page set up, there does not not appear to 
be much choice, either take what's on offer or take a custom option which I 
don't really want to do.


  Any ideas?  JAWS 10 professional and XP Home.










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