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  • Date: Tue, 10 May 2005 14:43:43 +0100

For small to medium file size storage, if you have a USB port then get hold
of one of the many USB key type devices.  Even the smallest of these will
pack a rather large wad of floppy disks worth of info into it for less now
than the equivolent in floppy disks if brought new.

CDs of any kind are great for very large data sets and one shot backup but
not eesy to manage in terms of incremendtal file storage, also if you have
software that allows you to overwrite and incrementally update the right
kind of CD media you may find you wish to use this on another machine which
does not have the special reading software you need to read the CDs you have
formatted to use this way.

It is not possible to successfully format double density disks as high 
density.  It is possible to it the other way around although there is no 
very good reason why anyone should these days.


Tristram Llewellyn
Sight and Sound Technology
Technical Support

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Hi Phil

Thanks, you've sort of confirmed what I suspected. I'll bear the DVD tip in
mind, but for now I'm a bit hesitant to branch out like that since I don't
have anyone around who could help out to set things up etc. So if I may ask
one further question, I have a whole load of double density discs left over
from the old word processor days. I'm using high density discs at the
moment, but would it be possible to reformat the double density ones to a
higher density? I haven't tried it out because I'm afraid of causing harm,
but it does seem a shame to waste the discs...

Thanks again.

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  Hi Linda,
  It sounds like yours is just a player, you will need to buy a CD
player/rewriter, or better still buy a DVD rewriter they play CD's as well,
you then have the best of both worlds, and to use like a floppy all you need
to do is format the disk for Data then you can use it like a floppy but much
  Hope that helps.

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    I currently use floppy discs to store data, but am wondering if it might
be possible to use blank CDs instead. However, while my computer will play
CDs I don't have the capacity to re-write them, so I know I can't download
music or anything but could I use blank CDs by simply pre-fixing the save
function with d: instead of a:?

    Hope this makes sense and that someone knows the answer.

    Thanks in advance.


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