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  • From: Colin Howard <colin@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 09 Jul 2014 08:19:54 +0100


Seen on the VicugL group, hope not already posted and I've missed it.

From: David Goldfield
Date: Tue, 8 Jul 2014 12:29:30 -0400

JAWS 16 is not due out until October, with betas being promised in 
September for users who want to test drive.  However, Freedom Scientific 
delivered a presentation at this year’s NFB convention discussing the 
new version and some, though not all, of the features we can expect.  
They posted live updates to their Twitter feed. I’ve been going through 
them and will try to summarize and explain what I’m finding.
As was mentioned as a possibility during a recent FS Cast, JAWS 16 will 
not be supporting Windows XP.  JAWS 15 will continue to be available for 
people still running XP.
Eric Damery is hoping that JAWS 16 will support the windows 8 on-screen 
A future update of FS Cast, which is their monthly podcast, will discuss 
the “major reveal” of more features.
Eric announced that FS is about to launch a new Web site.  As of the 
time of this writing, this has not yet happened.
The FS Cast podcast is going to receive more updates.  I’m assuming this 
means we’ll see more editions being released beyond just once a month??
Starting with JAWS 16, JAWS Standard is being rebranded JAWS Home.
The following is the text of the tweets.  With one exception, I’m 
posting them with no comments except for the one about the SMA for JAWS 
JAWS Home will work with all versions of windows, same price as JAWS 
JAWS 16 Home Edition will also allow purchasing of Remote Access and 
Citrix options.
If you use JAWS non-commercially, and need Windows Professional support, 
you can downgrade from Pro to Home and save.
Eric now running JAWS 16, the type of JAWS, Home or Pro, is announced 
when it runs.
JAWS Home and Pro are functionally identical, Cost of Pro helps offset 
tech support, scripting requirements of business users.
JAWS 16 has a very cool search engine for JAWS keystrokes.
JAWS 16 makes it very easy to find the command you want by typing in a 
few characters or words.
The Search feature is so smart that it knows when a Braille display's 
connected, and will show or hide commands accordingly.
The feature helps you really make the most of the world's most powerful 
screen reader, even if you don't remember a lot of commands.
Currently this search feature is assigned to insert+Space, J, that may 
As Eric types a function he's looking for, JAWS speaks the first result 
as a match is found.
The search feature is app-sensitive, so if you use it in, say, Word, 
you'll get results related to Word and global results.
When you perform a search, you hear the feature and the keystroke so you 
can memorise it for future reference if you wish.
You can also just press Enter to activate the function you need, from 
within the Search results.
Search results are appearing in a virtual viewer, so you can navigate 
the results by heading.
Third-party scripts can take advantage of the search feature. Still 
working through the degree to which that process is automatic.
A couple of big features to be in JAWS 16 we're not ready to talk about 
yet. FSCast will have the scoop.  More to come.
In JAWS 16, you can have different speech rates for different languages.
If Spanish is your secondary language, JAWS can switch to a Spanish web 
page and automatically speak more slowly than English.
JAWS 16 introduces semi-auto-forms mode. It keeps auto-forms mode off, 
except when you're tabbing through a web page and find a form.
In JAWS 16, we've put a lot of work into improving the performance of 
Office 2013, both speech and Braille.
Vocalizer Expressive voices moved up into the top level of the JAWS 16 
Help Menu to make them easier to find.
Vocalizer Expressive voices will now ship on the JAWS 16 DVD. No need to 
download them.
JAWS 16 supports the Windows 8.1 Reading List. A great way to read 
content later you've found on the Web.
Eric discussing the range of tablets that now run JAWS, some for as 
little as around $230. Full Office productivity.
Come by the booth and see the Dell tablet, smaller than an iPad Mini, 
with JAWS, full Office, Braille display and Pearl camera.
Eric reminding people interested in Unified English Braille, UEB, that 
JAWS already supports this and you can enable it.
Eric discussing SMA for JAWS Home works out at just over a dollar a 
week, includes regular updates throughout the year.
Comments from David: Really?  SMA is now around fifty bucks a year? Am I 
interpreting that correctly?
David Goldfield, Founder and Peer Coordinator, Philadelphia Computer 
Users' Group for the Blind and Visually Impaired Feel free to visit my 
new Web site http://www.davidgoldfield.info/

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