[jaws-uk] Nightmare for poor old George!

  • From: "Robin Clayden" <r.clayden@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <jaws-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2004 16:16:35 -0000

Hi, my next post will be to jaws-uk-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxx with vacation
2 d in the subject line!  I dread what I'll return to on Monday morning!

For those of you who just won't read the stuff at the bottom of the
recent mails, and want off the list, please take a little read down this
one, and stop nipping Mr Bells head.... *smile*

Q:  Where do I send instruction to leave, etc., and what is the command?

A:  All commands should be sent to jaws-uk-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Q:  Where do I put the command?

A:  In the Subject line only.  Do NOT put any text in the body of the

Q:  How do I get off this list?

Put the single word command unsubscribe in the Subject

Q:  Holidays - I want to stop list mail while I am away - how?

In the Subject line, put the following command, but note that you need
to change the # and x as listed below.

vacation # x

(Note the spaces in the above!)

# is a number.  x is either letter d for days, h for hours, or m for
minutes.  Example:-

vacation 8 d

would stop mail for 8 days from the time you sent the command.

NOTE:  If you do not put a letter, the default for the number you put is
days.  If you do not put a letter or a number, the default is two weeks.

Q:  If I get into trouble, who can I get help from?

A:  You can reach a human being by sending a normal e-mail message to:-


But please remember that Moderators are human beings, and may not be
able to answer requests immediately, especially if you e-mail in the
middle of the night!

Q:  Digest - Can I get the list in Digest form?

A:  A daily digest can be obtain by sending a message to the request
address with the Subject:-

set jaws-uk digest

Q:  Can I get a Digest AND regular messages?

A:  Yes, send a message to the request address with the command:-

set jaws-uk digest2

Q:  How do I stop digests and go back to receiving normal messages?

A:  Send a message to the request address with the Subject:-

unset jaws-uk digest

Kind regards,

Robin Clayden, Switchboard.
Edinburgh College of Art.
** To leave the list, click on the immediately-following link:-
** [mailto:jaws-uk-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxx?subject=unsubscribe]
** If this link doesn't work then send a message to:
** jaws-uk-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
** and in the Subject line type
** unsubscribe
** For other list commands such as vacation mode, click on the
** immediately-following link:-
** [mailto:jaws-uk-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxx?subjectúq]
** or send a message, to
** jaws-uk-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxx with the Subject:- faq

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