[jaws-uk] Re: New jaws update with internet and email

  • From: "Mervyn Robertson" <Mervyn.Robertson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <jaws-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2007 10:54:54 -0000

Thanks for providing this information. Having looked at this, I can
confirm that your problem is being caused by two files being present in
your settings folder (Default.jss and Default.jsb). Because you have
these files present, they will be taking preference over the newer
default files that have been installed with the latest update.
The solution is therefore as follows: 

1.      Navigate to and select the Start Menu, Programs, JAWS 8.0,
Explore JAWS, Explore My Settings. 
2.      From within your User Settings folder, find and delete the
following two files:
3.      After you delete these files, exit and re-launch JAWS. This
resolves the problem with the unknown script call. 

Is there a reason why you may have modified the Default scripts? The
only reason that the two files are in your settings folder is because
you have either intentionally modified the defaults or you have
inadvertently saved or copied them to your settings folder.

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sorry it took me a while to do this, I only now had time to check my
Here is the contence of the folder, I don't mind that you are, as you
say, taking me through this slowly, at least you're trying to find the
cause of the problem and that is definitely very much apreciated.
File and Folder Tasks MrgBckp File Folder 18/11/2006 07:24
PersonalizedSettings File Folder 26/01/2007 11:51Make a new folder
PlaceMarkers File Folder 18/11/2006 07:25Publish this folder to the
Sounds File Folder
18/11/2006 07:20Web AOL Instant Messenger.JCF 1 KB CONFIG File Type
18/11/2006 07:25Share this folder BitWise.JCF 2 KB CONFIG File Type
23/05/2006 22:33
Classic (Modified).SMF 5 KB SMF File 18/11/2006 07:25
DEFAULT.JCFOther Places 11 KB CONFIG File Type 02/03/2007 21:22
DEFAULT.JDF 5 KB DICTIONARY File T... 18/11/2006 07:25Settings
DEFAULT.jkm 105 KB JKM File 02/03/2007 01:18
My Documents DEFAULT.jsb 275 KB JSB File 18/11/2006 08:20
DEFAULT.jsd 212 KB Script Documentation 15/11/2006 13:05Shared Documents
DEFAULT.JSS 323 KB Script Source 18/11/2006 08:20My Computer
MSN Messenger.JCF 1 KB CONFIG File Type 18/11/2006 07:25My Network
Places olchar.jsl 3 KB JSL File 31/12/2005 16:42
olstring.jsl 19 KB JSL File 22/01/2006 10:53
Details Outlook Express.JCF 1 KB CONFIG File Type 02/03/2007 01:18
Outlook Express.JDF 1 KB DICTIONARY File T... 15/05/2006 18:56
Pandion.JCF 2 KB CONFIG File Type 19/10/2006 01:43
Skype.JCF 2 KB CONFIG File Type 26/06/2006 03:43
Skype.JGF 0 KB JGF File 28/12/2005 15:09
Skype.JKM 1 KB JKM File 04/03/2006 17:23
Skype.jsb 105 KB JSB File 22/06/2006 14:40
Skype.JSD 10 KB Script Documentation 04/03/2006 17:23
skype.jsh 5 KB Script Header 04/03/2006 17:23
47 objects 1.29 MB My Computer 
MSN messenger: sudar23@xxxxxxxxxxx
AIM: vanja121
Skype: vanja121
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