[jaws-uk] Re: New jaws update using up an sma Update

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Don't get confused between the SMA count and 'keys' (or activations).
SMA relates to the software version that you are entitled to and keys
relate to the number of machines that you install the software onto. You
will not be losing 'keys' as a result of upgrading to a newer version of
the software.


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Hi Marie,

Thank you for mentioning authorisation keys in your message to which I
an now replying.

I forgot to ask Tristram if what I had to do would take up a Jaws key. 
Please can someone clarify how one checks their number of keys as I do
not believe I have had to do this, or if I have, it was some time ago.

Also, Marie's message poses another question for those from sight and
or any other Jaws dealers on this list.   If this update has taken out a

key, and any further updates between now and Jaws 9, but not including
9 itself, may do the same, can a Jaws user have keys replaced without
having to wait until they only have one left,  if the reason they are
losing keys is because of the way Jaws is updated?

Thank you all in advance.
Alexander Shannon 
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