[jaws-uk] Mail for Win7, read this first, my own story.

  • From: "Marion Woods" <marion_woods38@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <jaws-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2014 22:34:07 +0100

Hi  all

This is a  re-post, of  my trials of email programmes with win7 and how I 
made the
final choice.

In December 2013, having considered my options for replacing my old trusty
HP desktop PC  running WinXP and JFW11   , I  had a new PC built  to my
specifications and Windows7 installed as the operating system plus
and Jaws15.

My first challenge was to decide  what POP3 email client to use with my 5
very active email accounts, and at first it seemed a  good idea to use
Outlook, but after struggling with it for a  week, I  gave up on the Idea ,
it seemed far too confusing with all it's bells and whistles.

As a  possible alternative, I  spent a  great deal of time trying the
Various versions of OE for Windows7   on the technical list I  subscribe to.
However,  in spite of the great help I  received from many lister's, I  Just
could not get OE to work properly   , in fact this inadvertently caused
problems installing Microsoft updates, I  had to let the Microsoft
disability help       desk sort out the problem for me, it took them over an
hour to fix it.

I  thought why  not carry on with WLM, I  had heard that it was a bit
difficult  using
the ribbons, however it was quite easy once you take  the trouble to read
up on the way they are arranged, in practice I  can see some of the
advantages, and in reality, the ribbons are quite logical to use.

I must say the excellent Jaws guide  for WLM by David Bailes helped a  great
deal, it can be found

WLM seems to suit my particular needs, and it's working outg great for me.
So I  say goodbye my old friend  Outlook Express, you were great in   your
day, but time marches on.


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