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  • Date: Sat, 18 Dec 2004 18:30:38 -0000

Thanks John

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  Hi, everyone, John here 

  I've downloaded a copy of MSN 7.0 and I'm also a Jaws user I think Jaws is 
more happier with the program than what Jaws was with MSN 6.2 Jaws seems to 
read more and every button Jaws reads in MSN 7.0 

  I thought I'll give my comments as Will braught it up 

  Thanks from John and guide dog Iris 
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    Hi All;

    Sorry for the cross post, but I wanted to alert as many folks as possible 
to this.

    Well, if you've recovered from all the new software, such as JAWS 6 or the 
recent public beta of Window Eyes, I've got some more for you.  MSN Messenger 7 
is now in public beta.  This means you can download it, try it out and report 
any bugs to Microsoft, who will hopefully fix them.  Now's a great opportunity 
to make Messenger more accessible out-of-the-box, as Microsoft can't change it 
once it's been released.  So, if you want to give it a go, look at:

    It's free, and you can send feedback to Microsoft from right within 

    Thanks to all who have a look and try to make Messenger a more accessible 
tool.  I know it's a popular application, and so I expect that this will be of 
interest to some of you.

    Will Pearson
    Microsoft MVP (Visual Developer/VC++)

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