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  • Date: Thu, 23 Dec 2004 12:09:07 -0000

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        DEAR STEVE,

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                Subject: [jaws-uk] List Move Etc.
                Hi All,
                Let me welcome you all to the new location
for the Jaws-UK list.  I hope that we will soon iron out any
bugs that may crop up in the transference.  I'd also like to
take the opportunity to personally thank George for the
immense amount of work he's put into not only the
transference of Jaws-UK but also the Access-UK list as well.
I had a little more involvement in that but George has
single handedly dealt with all the setup and transfer
procedures for this one.  Thanks George!
                OK, so a few points of importance, firstly,
I'll be closing down the old Jaws list as from tomorrow
lunch time.  At the same time, the old access list on
yahoogroups which I left going as a precautionary backup
will be closed as well.
                Hope you all continue to enjoy the benefits
of both groups and the wealth of experience within.
                Best regards.
                Steve Hyde-Dryden

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