[jaws-uk] Re: Jaws saying attachment on E mail

  • From: "ROBIN CLAYDEN" <robin.clayden@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2004 21:54:09 -0000

Hi Alistair,

From memory, and with a few rum and cokes passing down the tubes, after 
entertaining Tom "Whitestick" Lorimer and his misses for the day, I think this 
is how you can fix this attachment problem

When you launch the AVG control centre, at the top it says something about 
checking outgoing e mail scanner, with a graphic, in my case, 985 in front of 
it. Route jaws to pc, and get to this graphic and left mouse it to open the 
properties of the e mail scanner. It should land you on a plugins tab.

tab to a set of radio buttons, about the third one in, and it may be set by 
default, at, use shared configuration settings, radio button, one of two. Arrow 
down at this point to personalise configuration, then tab to configure, and hit 

Tab through this dialogue box and you'll come to options about certifying 
incoming and outgoing mail. You need to uncheck some boxes in here. One box 
will stop the attachments going out with your mail, which are simply declaring 
their safety, and another checkbox determines whether your messages will have 
that certification displayed in text at the end of your post.

As usual, remember and save your changes on exit. Someone else might even come 
in with an easier way to get to the e mail scanner properties, I just can't get 
my fuzzy brain to find it for yu.

Cheers, Robin.
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  Hello to all!Using JFW 4.5.1 with XP home and AVG 7 (free version!) My 
outgoing E mail is saying there is a attachment when there certainly isn't! 
Could some kind soul take the time to guide me through the steps to stop this 
happening!? I am aware this was discussed earlier but I have since deleted the 
message and do not have a clue how I stopped it the first time! Thanks in 




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