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  • Date: Sat, 3 Sep 2005 19:20:01 +0100

Hi Tink, 
Thank you for filling me in At least I will be able to work it out now I know 
what the problem is!  
Best wishes, 
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      There are two kinds of Jaws, and two kinds of Windows operating systems 
that each match up.

      With Windows XP, you have the Home version and the Pro version and from 
what you say, you have the Pro version installed.

      Similarly with Jaws, you have a Standard version, which works with the 
Home version of Windows, and a Pro version, which works with the Pro version of 

      You'll either need to down grade your Windows to XP Home, or perhaps, as 
you have it Windows 98, or alternatively, upgrade Jaws to the Pro version, so 
that it will work on the operating system you have installed now.

      If you can swing it, your best bet would be to see if you can exchange 
your copy of XP Pro for a copy of XP Home, as XP is a better version of Windows 
than 98 is, but with all these suggestions, there may be a cost involved in 
getting things to match up.


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  Subject: [jaws-uk] Jaws authorization!

  Hello the list!  
  Can anyone tell me what operating systems work with the Jaws 6.2 version?  

  I have exp professional installed on the computer will I have to change the 
computer set-up?  

  I keep getting a message telling me that the Jaws is not authorized with Exp 

  What is the best thing to do?  

  I might have a copy of windows 98 somewhere, would that be better!  

  Best regards, 


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