[jaws-uk] Re: Jaws 4.0 with XP?

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Hi Nick,

As others have said you should be able to use 4.2 with XP unless you are going 
to XP pro which may require a different licence.

With regard to upgrading to the latest version of Jaws, the current one is 6.2 
and you could download a demo version which runs for 40 minutes, after which 
you have to reboot before running it again.  You could, however, leave Jaws 4.2 
as the default version and allow Jaws 6.2 to be launched from a shortcut for 

There are a lot of new developments since 4.2 and your wife might wish to 
investigate them before committing to deciding whether they are worth the cost.


is the page on the Freedom Scientific site for all things Jaws including the 
6.2 Jaws demo and a link to teach internet navigability with more recent 
versions of Jaws which you will find under resources.  This latter is worth a 

Also the latest facilities in Jaws can be found in the "What's new" item in the 
Jaws help menus.

I wouldn't recommend buying 6.2 yet since, as others have said, version 7 will 
be released shortly which would save an extra upgrade step but the demo of 6.2 
might give you a flavour of what to expect.

Another issue to consider is that Jaws works best with XP when using XP in 
classic mode.  There is help, I think, in the operating systems section of the 
jaws help for optimising XP for Jaws users.  This is also the case for many 
applications such as Outlook express, Word etc. You can find these under 
"popular applications with Jaws" / "Microsoft applications".


Phil Medway.

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  I'm new to the list so apologies for asking what may have been asked many 
times before (couldn't find a faq). My wife is running Jaws 4.0 on our computer 
with Windows Me. I'm about to upgrade to Windows XP and wonder if this version 
of Jaws will still work. I know we're in the Dark Ages, but she never really 
gets to grip with the current version before it gets upgraded, so I haven't 
bothered in quite a while. I'd be interested to hear from anyone who's done the 
Me to XP upgrade and the best way to do it (I am sighted so it wouldn't be 
necessary to have Jaws on at any point). Also, if anyone wants to convince me 
to upgrade from Jaws 4.0 to whatever we're at now, go ahead and sell it to me!

  Thanks alot, Nick

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