[jaws-uk] Re: Jaws 4.0 with XP?

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You will need:




From that page, there is an update link to JFW 4.02, which is the
version that you should be running on an XP system.  There were
stability problems with JFW 4.x and XP, hence why they put out these
versions, however, these seemed to go away in later releases.  If you
don't upgrade, you can't skip versions, so you are paying them in the
end.  Also, there is a newer version 7 coming out soon, so you could use
JFW 4.02 now, then upgrade to 7 later, especially if you have issues (I
am not sure whether there will be SP-2 specific issues for example with


This version is a full download which you install as new - don't use the
4.0 CD.




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I'm new to the list so apologies for asking what may have been asked
many times before (couldn't find a faq). My wife is running Jaws 4.0 on
our computer with Windows Me. I'm about to upgrade to Windows XP and
wonder if this version of Jaws will still work. I know we're in the Dark
Ages, but she never really gets to grip with the current version before
it gets upgraded, so I haven't bothered in quite a while. I'd be
interested to hear from anyone who's done the Me to XP upgrade and the
best way to do it (I am sighted so it wouldn't be necessary to have Jaws
on at any point). Also, if anyone wants to convince me to upgrade from
Jaws 4.0 to whatever we're at now, go ahead and sell it to me!


Thanks alot, Nick

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