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  • Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2005 16:03:45 -0000

Hi Eifion,

It might be worth trying the virtualise window facility of Jaws.


This will allow you to read the whole window which may not be what you want but 
usually allows you to get to the part you need.

Press escape to close the virtualised window.


Phil Medway.

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  Try using insert and the B key to read the dialog.  If this does not work use 
the Jaws cursor, followed by root jaws to PC.  Then use the arrow keys to move 
up and down the dialog.

  Use the - key at the top right of the num pad to turn on Jaws cursor.  The 
use insert - to root jaws to pc.  To go back to the pc cursor use the + key on 
the num pad.

  Hope this helps,
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    The company I work for has a web application that needs to work with JAWS 
6. I've fixed most of the problems, but one of the things I can't get JAWS to 
do is read out the contents of Internet Explorer's modal dialog boxes (i.e. 
those opened using window.showModalDialog). JAWS will read the title of the pop 
up dialog and mention that it's a dialog window but will then stop and not read 
the contents of the modal window. Is there any known way to persuade JAWS to 
read the contents of the dialog box?



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