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  • Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2004 00:06:29 -0000

Hi Tom,
You can access the Info bar with ALT M, once you've okayed the message that
the popup or in this case file download has been blocked. From here, you can
choose to allow the Download, and even allow downloads from this site
permanently...I forget exactly now to be honest. Anyway, you make your
selection by pressing Spacebar (not Enter as I was doing lol).
You may also be able to define the behaviour of this to a greater extent in
'Tools, Internet Options, Security, Internet and Custom level. I haven't had
a chance to look yet though - just thought I'd get you going so the player
could be downloaded anyway.
I'll get back tomorrow with more info if necessary.



Mark Matthews
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Being completely blocked from downloading, but, can't even get to inf bar.
One example, trying to download real one from ACB. How do I fix this.

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