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MessageHi Mark,
do you know if I Tuens is compatioble with jfw 4.5.1? and a link to the web 
site would be nice, as I ahve only had 10 minutes training on the internet 
trying to get training in Surry is an absolute joke, you can't get it unless 
you fund it yourself and when you aren't working, there isan't such a scheme 
like those of the people who work do get like access to work to pay for it all 
because it is for work purposes, so what happens to someone of working age 
trying to make something of themselves... I think that all of the screen 
readers should be reduced in price considerably, and they should make one that 
is affordable for those people who want to learn how to use a computer with 
speech. don't mention the DEA's because they are the worst thing that the 
jobcentre ever interoduced and can't manage to even call you back when you have 
asked them to do such a simple task. Sorry but I know wheree those jobs that Mr 
Blunkett is mentioning are going to go in the bin hopefully. 
Anyway enough of my waffling, I look forward to your reply. 
I am getting a new PC soon so I may wait to put this onto the new computer when 
I get it I think it is going to be after Christmas at this rate. by the way i 
am on holiday on December 19 can you remind me what you have to do to say this 
all the best
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  hi Jane,

  Go to this URL: http://www.tandt-consultancy.com/itunesscripts.html




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  Hello there,
  I know that sometime ago someon on this list mentioned that they had written 
some scripts so that Jaws could be used in conjunction with I Tunes, if it is 
possible can that person contact me off list please?
  my e mail is jane@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  Many thanks


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