[jaws-uk] Re: Help with accessing my yahoogroups account.

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Just signed in with no real problem. I did have to tab twice to make
sure I was in the password edit field and hit enter to ensure forms mode
was on.


Not trying to teach granny to suck eggs, but are you sure you're inside
the edit field and forms mode on? Have you tried backspacing to clear
the field and re enter your password. Caps lock off Ok? Also, have you
checked to see if there was a password already in there with a line of


Can't think of anything else that might help.




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I'm not sure if this is a jaws related problem, but hope someone can


Since I upgraded to jaws 11, I haven't been able to access my
yahoogroups emailing list, of which I'm moderator; my password isn't
being excepted, as I'm asked again and again to enter it, thus, I can't
access my group's settings. 


I also tried contacting yahoo, and exploring their help page, but to no


What should I do please? 


Angela Purll

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