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If you want Jaws to tell you it's a heading, you must switch on 'Style Changes' 
in the verbosity dialog box when in Word.  As for the format of each style of 
heading, as I said before that's customisable using the Format, Style dialog.
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Hi Chris and others

Internet webpages sometimes have headings just like a braille book or an 
electronic document in word would have. I want JAWS to see a line of text on 
its own and tell me it's a heading. The text - for  me - will either be bolded 
or centred, or possibly underlined.




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Can you describe the effect you wish to achieve in a little more detail as 
being blind, I don't know what IE looks like.




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Hi Guys


Is there any way I can get my headings in word to stick out a bit more like 
with internet explorer? This would be really good for me as I need to put 
side-headings in documents etc.



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