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Hi Val,


You may find that you need to disable your anti virus programme for the
defrag to run it's course quicker.


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hello val

your windows operating system has an inbuilt defragmentation facility,
such as exective disk keeper. you do not need to download any defrag
software, as it is already available to you. look through all

1 go to all programmes

2 select accessories

3 select system tools

4 select defragmentation.


don't throw out your hard ware , it is a software problem.

all the best frank



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Hi Robin, David and Kevin, thanks for your suggestions, Robin and David.
Tried unchecking as Robin suggested and also David's suggestion of the
clean manager.  No joy with Robin's suggestion but I cleared out an
awful lot of temporary files, etc. etc. but, like the genie in the
bottle, the "invisible" list(s) popped up again so I reckon its going to
have to be the defrag but I don't know how to do it - any step by step
instructions please.


I always log out and switch off rather than leaving the computer in
either stand by or hibernation modes.  I even did a re-boot following
the unchecking of the tabs and the cleaning but to no avail.  


I suppose the defrag is the last resort before I throw this machine in
the skip!


With best wishes







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