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  • From: "Dorothy Ingram-Gorban" <user@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <jaws-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 11 Sep 2005 00:11:53 +0100

This is Dorothy still alive and kicking. I think it wa s Will

Peearson and a lady who understood what Jaws is doing . I think
you said your inbox was full and if anyone wanted to continue to contact me
directly? or privately I have realised that they wouldn't have my Email
address of course.Could you pass it on and the tell no in case they have
any ideas it is 01892 549793 I think I have given it to anyway. Re another
problem since I migrated back from ME. Outlook to Out look Express Version
six. I have Norton version for 05 and Firewall renewed recently. Michael
Schall had told me t
of get it off but as I had just renewed it I thought it was worth
continuing. I have had problem with something called Timed out' and a
long message re pop server. the e Error number was very long and had both
numbers and digits in it . starting oxo then a lot of numbers and ending
in Think 1
9. I asked my cousin Eric to research this for mean he send in
a whole lot of error messagfges and it seemed to indicate theta Norton and
Microsoft and Outlook V6 has numerous problems including the 'timed out'
one and seems t ohave been a problem since 2002! and still not a fix for
it. I would send you Eric's Email but when he does abit of research you
get the whole darned lot. I am having job staying online at all and am timed
out all the time with a 180 second message.. Why is it taking so long is
this why St Dunstans and Dorton College and others removing away front
Morton. I donot think I will get this out to you will be a matter of luck
it is or they get stuck in the out box and willnotmve on my fast
Broadband connection as well. Ps Script in case you are interested I know
an mainstream computer engineer.He doesn't know a thing about Assistive
tech or Jaws but he is inventive has some computer engineering skills and
he wonders if he can invent a sort of he says to give the screen the
appearance of black and white but the programmes working not in that
configuration.He world have to design it He says it would mean all would be
in Monochrome everywhere and no colour so no photos or pics.. Finally my
software which as I told you was taken away on July 11th by a young man
who although he works for a large Charity came in his private capacity.He
was supposed to be taking Magic to see if with Jaws eh could work out the
settings but .Well thee you are I had to contact his line manager who said
what he does in private isno concern of ours I added abit of pressure..Said
I was very concerned as it was supposed tobe back the
following Monday
July 18th. I also said I hadn't known at the time what awas meant by the
words "rip and the internet or Web" as being a way of obtaining Jaws and I
wanted my software back I tink I will be very careful indeed not to let
any of my software go out of the home unless it is signed for. Just
because someone works for a large charity it doesn't mean they in private

going to act well. I asked to bring it back in person and give an account of
himself,also the paper work for a damned heavy CRT Montour which he
claimed to have bought on EBay between Sat afternoon and Monday morning.It
cost said £150 he said he mad the manual at homebut I have-not had it.The
mainstream computerman when he along said tome" Have one like that in my
Garage and would have given it to"The monitor smelt so awful as it it
had been with a chain smoker had to have it removed from the room. Amway
software will be coming by post not in person.
I will not be able to do the spell check as Jaws is all over the place and I will only makehim worse.Truly not an excuse I thought of typing it in word and that way butnot so reliable if I am being 'timed out'. PS Yesterday I spoke to a Manager of I..T at Dorton.Rls.he said we are using it now with black screen settings.He said Jaws V6.1 they donot use Norton or Magic any more. He said " we are part of a networkd system not an individual computer in a home situation. I was interested though . I think at Dorton they use Outlooknot O..Express. I have been migrating back and forth all the time though and now Kurzweil always chose OExpress even when Outlook waa suppiosed to be the Email set up with word as ' script editor.' If you could hear Jaws you would think she me that is mad not to give it up. Pity we do not have a black screen setting Club and put pressure on Freedom to make it easier. We cannot all be part of a 'network system Thanks if you can put me in touch with the intersted in the settings was it Angels? Tink and Will..

Thank you now willnot get this out if timed out but will putin drafts and have a stab at . either in themorning or when less tired.. Dorothy

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