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This was received by some black on black and by other half of one nd abit of 
the other. is an example as explained in the forgoing Email fro m self. Dorothy
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I spoke to Bob Dunn, Planning Officer, on Monday. The latest application is 
refused. Letters in the post. The reasons are size and design. He does not know 
whether there will be an appeal
Any satisfaction one may feel is tempered by Stuart Marshall's state of health. 
He suffered a stroke two months ago, is incapacitated, in hospital and the 
prognosis is not good
In view of this and in order to make positive progress, in my letter of 
objection I suggested a formula for an acceptable development which comprised a 
maximum of two storeys, pushing building back in the site and lowering it, a 
4:1 ratio of land to building and a design appropriate to the area. The 
developers have not so far responded
The only positive in this is that we now have a dialogue with our neighbours 
and we are in regular touch with Cherie Marshall and trying to help her in what 
way we can
Michael Elliott
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