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Hi all,  (Especially Robin Claydon)

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We're actually ahead of the game because we wrote to
everybody whose SMA expired after Version 5 to let them know
(probably twice for good measure) and will do the same again
for those SMAs that will expire once they have received
Version 6. Of course, we'll have to let the dust settle

The SMA count on peoples' systems with the Quella is
somewhat hit and miss depending on whether they received a
replacement authorisation disk at some point. Fear not,
however, we have a fairly good handle on the situation and
everyone will get their rightful entitlement.

More to the point, with the new scheme everyone will be able
to view their own SMA status on the internet.


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From: Robin Clayden [mailto:r.clayden@xxxxxxxxx]
Sent: 15 December 2004 15:13
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Subject: [jaws-uk] Re: Zero updates in about JAWS

Hi Joan,

If you've got an SMA, and your number's on the list, then
the download tonight will install and work Ok for you. From
what I see, it won't have all the bells and whistles that
the CD will have, like the basic training system, which is
now going to be included on the actual CD Rom when it is
shipped, will be in digital sound, and a free demo of the
DAISY reader, Digital access info system, will also be on
that disk. I would imagine your upgrade count won't be
activated until you actually do the new online registration
next Spring, but I may be wrong.

And, hopefully, to maybe answer another batch of anxious
questions I think may be on the way, after last years
discussion on SMA's with Sight and Sound, if this upgrade
happens to use up your last issue, then they'll let us know
our agreements are needing renewed? I seem to remember
Mervin saying that a new data base was being compiled with
them to alert customers before they run out of upgrade

Cheers, Robin.
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Subject: [jaws-uk] Re: Zero updates in about JAWS

Yes, I have a similar problem in that my computer shows that
I have no updates although I have an SMA. What I wondered
was, if I downloaded the upgrade, would it be accepted or
would I need the CD to amend the information?

Best wishes,

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Sent: Wednesday, December 15, 2004 1:44 PM
Subject: [jaws-uk] Zero updates in about JAWS

Hello to all on this list, I was wondering if someone may be
able to help me.  I am in Canada in Newfoundland and
Labrador.  I am currently using JAWS 5.10 right now and on
my system it says under JAWS the about JAWS section there
are zero updates left.  So as far as I know this means when
it comes to the new version of JAWS to be able to download I
can't do so.  Yes my serial number is on the Freedom
Scientific website but for right now I guess that I will
have to wait for the CD to be sent to me.  I was told by
someone that I would need a new authorization disk to solve
the problem of zero updates left.  I don't know if this is
correct or what.  The question is now with the new
authorization when you receive a CD that gives you a code to
authorized it on the internet.  Does anyone have any
suggestions or will a new authorization disk or CD fix my

Thanks in advance.

Robin Drodge

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