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See the following.  (Found by simply asking Google to look
for "jsdtusb.jls)
or in case the URL wraps, here's what you get to:

Details of Selected Bulletin

Bulletin Type: FAQ 

Date Posted: 01/17/2005 

Product Name: JAWS 

Version: 6.10 plus 

Category: Synthesizer 


How do I make JAWS work with my new DECTalk USB from Access


The DECTalk USB JAWS driver is included in JAWS 6.10,
released April 2005, and can be chosen during installation
when you opt for a guided or advanced installation. JAWS
6.10 is a free upgrade for all users authorized to use JAWS
6.0. You will still need to visit http://www.axsol.com to
obtain the system driver or use the CD that shipped with
your DECTalk USB as JAWS doesn't install the system level

If you are using JAWS version 5.0 - 6.0, you must manually
add support for DECTalk USB. Before proceeding, please visit
http://www.axsol.com <http://www.axsol.com/>  for the latest
JAWS and system-level drivers. Follow the manufacturer's
instructions for installing the device on your system. After
the device is installed, you must add support for it in
JAWS. Follow the instructions below to complete the
installation. You may want to download the files from Access
Solutions to ensure you have the latest JAWS and system

Do the following to add support for the DECTalk USB:

1. Extract the contents of the file you downloaded from
http://www.axsol.com to an easily accessible folder. You
will need a program such as WinZip to extract the files.
2. Select the file Jsdtusb.jls and press CTRL+C to copy it.
3. Navigate to the folder where you installed JAWS.
4. Use CTRL+V to paste the file Jsdtusb.jls into your JAWS
5. Open the file Jfw.ini in Notepad.
6. Find the Speech Synthesizers section and add the
following lines to the bottom:

SynthXLongName=DECtalk USB

"X" is the number of the synthesizer you are adding. For
example, if the last synthesizer in your list is "synth3,"
replace "X" with "4" because the DECTalk will be the fourth
entry in the list.

7. Press CTRL+S to save your changes and press ALT+F4 to
quit Notepad.
8. Quit and then restart JAWS. You can now switch to your
DECTalk USB without problems.

Please be sure to read the steps included with the file you
downloaded from Access Solutions for instructions regarding
the actual installation of this device on your system.

Last updated April, 2005



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I wonder if anyone can help, my friend has sent the question
below, to the US list, but has had no responce.
Barbara Gilhooly

What kind of file is this jsdtusb.jls and where should it be
in order for it
to load with JAWS?
Can someone help me with this?
Arianna Calesso

Skype; barbiebee

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