[jaws-uk] Re: Facebook - an idiott's guide

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  • Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2010 16:34:51 +0100

I don't know about anyone else, but I used to use Facebook lite, which they 
have just removed.  I find I can't use the normal site at all, but don't know 
if it is because I have an older version of Jaws, or if it is a Facebook 

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  Hi all,

  I'm getting there slowly, I have a logon ID, I have two friends (aw) and am 
member of 1 group.  So what do I do now?

  Has anyone written an idiot's guide to using Facebook with Jaws.  It is not 
just about the key strokes with Jaws, but what is the point of all the bits?

  Lots of people are making great use of Facebook, I've even seen it 
abbreviated to FB because it is being talked about so much, so what is the 
benefit over email?

  Educate me please.


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