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  • Date: Mon, 7 Jul 2008 11:36:12 +0100

    Hi Mark!

It's great to know that other Screenreader users are successfully using the 
site with JAWS.

  Do you use the "Facebook chat" facility.  I'm having a little trouble with 
it.  I received a real time message from a friend but was unable to reply.  I 
typed my answer in the edit box below their message.  According to the help 
section of Facebook, you are then supposed to press "enter" to send the 
message.  However, pressing enter just seemed to turn forms mode off and on 
again and didn't send the message.  

Any ideas welcome.


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  I most certainly am using it successfully.  I find most of the functions 
accessible, and there is a nice way of dealing with the captcha that you'll 
encounter when you register.  That's the only time, as far as I'm aware, that 
you'll ever encounter captcha.  mark
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    Subject: [jaws-uk] Facebook

    Hi all!

    I was wondering if anyone was successfully using the Facebook site with 
Jaws?  Are all the functions accessible to screenreader users?


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