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  • Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2010 16:50:05 +0100

Hi, it's interesting that these JAWS updates are becoming like Windows updates, in that they will start to appear as frequent as once a month. Perhaps they could do a patch Tuesday or something, lol. Seriously, I think FS may be finally listening to us, in that they are fixing bugs as they go along and fixing updates more regularly.

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On 29/06/2010 11:33, George Bell wrote:
I've just been asked by Freedom to post the following.



We are set to release an update for all JAWS 11 English version
customers later this afternoon. The new version will be 11.0.1461 and
below, I have included the changes in this June 2010 update.

There is something new I would like to point out, which is different
from all updates we have done in the past. This new update will only
be found during check for updates, if the JAWS user is currently
running build 1447 already (this was the build we posted in May 2010).
If they have an earlier version of JAWS 11 (such as build 756 released
back in January) and they check for updates from the JAWS Help Menu,
they will be getting the May release of 1447. After installing that
update, if they check for updates again, JAWS will then locate and
download a much smaller update (the new build 1461). From now on, this
will be what we try to do in an effort to post more frequent updates
that are smaller in size. Provided you check once a month or so, you
will be able to stay current.

One other thing to point out, when a new update is released, we will
also be making that new build, the new full download on the web so at
any time, you can always just download the current full version and
install it over top of the currently installed version and you will
have the latest. That could be faster if you have not been staying
current over the last 4 to 6 months.

The new changes included in 11.0.1461 build:

Enhancements in JAWS 11.0.1461 (June 2010)

The following is a list of items addressed or added between the final
JAWS 11.0.1447 release and the JAWS 11.0.1461 posting. All
enhancements since the initial public beta release are included in
this release.


*       Resolved an issue where letters were lost when using Typing
Mode with a Focus braille display.
*       Resolved a customer reported issue where JAWS was announcing
large negative values in combo boxes.
*       JAWS no longer duplicates information that is typed into form
edit fields.
*       Resolved issues and improved performance with the Convert
Currency and MLB Scores lookup sources in Research It.

Word and Outlook

*       Addressed an issue reported by The Lighthouse of Houston
related to the spell checker not working as expected when using a
third party add-in with Word.
*       When in a table in a Word document, the INSERT+TAB keystroke
correctly announces the cell content along with column and row title.
*       The default setting for graphics detection in all versions of
Word and Outlook 2007 or later is set to Labeled by default. This
means that JAWS announces alt text (if available) and image
*       Resolved an issue where tutor messages were spoken before
relevant information when using the ARROW Keys to read the next line
or previous line in an Outlook 2010 e-mail message. This fix also
resolves an issue where tutor messages were spoken with each press of
an ARROW Key when moving through a message folder.
*       JAWS no longer announces an unknown function call error when
Outlook 2003 is configured to request a user name and password before

Lotus Notes

*       Resolved two issues with Lotus Notes(r). JAWS now announces
labels for the date and time fields in a calendar entry. Also, the
ALT+DOWN ARROW keystroke now opens the combo box for date and time
*       Resolved an issue with Lotus(r) Sametime(r) software where
JAWS was not reading chat history when using the ARROW Keys.
*       The Lotus Notes topic in the JAWS help file has been updated
to include the latest application functionality and keystrokes.


Eric Damery

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