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From: Mervyn Robertson
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Subject: Re:Jaws 6.0 coming Dec 15:

Hopefully the information below will answer some of the
questions regarding JAWS 6.0


On Wednesday, December 15,  Freedom Scientific are scheduled
to post the JAWS 6.0 SMA upgrade. 

The JAWS version is a paid for upgrade so only the customers
entitled to run JAWS 6 will be pre authorised. While the
shipping version of JAWS 6 will be the new ILM
authorization, Freedom Scientific will be providing an ILM,
as well as a Quella version (Floppy Disk authorisation
version) for the Download so everyone with Quella entitled
to get 6 can begin now. This particular Quella version will
expire in March 2005 but that will give us plenty of time to
be certain that all SMA shipments have arrived and customers
will be instructed to install from the ILM Program CD as
soon it arrives. 

There will be some time lag before Sight & Sound will be
able to ship the ILM versions owing to the need to create
individual Authorization CDs for each of the independent
packages we will ship. Freedom Scientific will commence
shipping to us around the 10th of January but several weeks
may elapse before we have received all of the packages.

Please be patient, we will get packages to every eligible
customer as quickly as we can.

By default, the number of activations that will be available
is three. This is not intended to be restrictive and anyone
with a need to have additional installations will be
accommodated and can be dealt with on an individual basis.

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From: Robin Clayden [mailto:r.clayden@xxxxxxxxx]
Sent: 15 December 2004 10:44
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Subject: [jaws-uk] Re: Fw: Jaws 6.0 coming Dec 15:

Yep, Wally, if you're in the office at 9 o'clock tonight,
you can sit there and wait for the download link to suddenly
appear, and if you're in the office at 9 o'clock tonight,
then you certainly won't surely be working, you'll be well
gassed at the office party, so leave that pc alone!

On a more serious note, I've just been reding much of the
bumff they churn out for such exclusives, and wonder what
the final outcome was in relation to old discussions about
the ILM, Internet Licence Manager. I mean, we got five keys
on a floppy queller disk before, but how many machines will
we be able to furnish with this new system? 

And/or, would it be a simple task to unauthorise a desktop,
and go switch authorisation to the laptop or another
machine, if you needed to?

At present, I have four keys installed all over the place,
for access to 2 iSDX phone exchanges, as well as my main pc,
here and at home, so restrictions on the number of
installations would be a real pain in the butt for me, and
I'm sure, a few other people who have a similar roving
commission. Hmm, I'll no doubt drop S 'n S a private

Cheers, Robin.

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