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She mentioned that magic wouldn't do, so presumably had seen that.
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It would have made more sense to give her a program such as zoom text or
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  I've taken a look at Dorothy's problem, thanks to Léoni Watson for
bringing this to my attention.

  The problem stems from the fact that the design of JAWS appears to
treat all white text on a black background as being text that has been
selected by the user.  The NewTextEvent, which is responsible for
reading any newly written text to the screen, then reads all the newly
written selected text in addition to the current line.  This will occur
when you add text to an edit control, scroll an edit control, or
anything that changes the displayed text.

  Eric Damery's suggestion of disabling the use of "Windows standard
highlighting" within JAWS will resolve this problem, although it will
cause problems elsewhere, such as not being able to read menus, and as
such isn't a valid suggestion.  This should be curable by modifying
various JAWS scripts to change the logic in the NewTextEvent to realise
that white text on a black background doesn't always equate to the
semantics of selected text.  However, this would be a required change in
every script that implements the NewTextEvent, and as such the easier
fix would be for Freedom Scientific to do a bug fix on their false
assumption of white text on a black background always equating to
selected text.

  If you upgraded to JAWS 6.10, I think it is, you may get some benefit
from the Enhanced Edit Mode feature that they introduced in that
version.  Although, I have to point out that the Enhanced Edit Mode
feature has it's own set of problems.


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