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Hi Adrian,
Can I pose the question is there a Jaws pen and if not is there going to be one 
developed? just thought I would ask.
all the best
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  yes - primarily don't ask about it on a jaws specific list.
  you're asking a very product specific question on a list whose purpose is 
very explicitly in relation to a different product made by a different company 
so don't be surprised if you don't get the information you are looking for.

  but, grumpy old git attitude a-sside:
  there's nothing much to say about the dolphin pen product that you can't tell 
from the name.
  it's your dolphin product of choice on a pen drive.
  it runs from the pen drive not from the computer hard drive so you can easily 
move it from one machine to another.

  that isn't however to say that it will work immediate on any machine you plug 
it in to, as you will need to install a small driver utility on any machine you 
want to be able to use in conjunction with the pen. there after however it is 
just a matter of plugging in or pulling out the pen.

  the product is best suited to anyone who needs to use a dolphin software 
access products on a number of machines repeatedly. not suited for use on a 
large number of machines each of which you will use once or very infrequently.

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    Does anyone have any information and/or details regarding the Dolphin Pen? 

    Regards, Angela. 

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