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Dear Jane

I think my message was in fact somewhat rather more neutral than your reply 
on this thread would suggest.  My reply was not intended as admonishment of 
any list member, still less a question of my toes being trod upon, they sit 
nicely and firmly under my desk with only the occasional forest of cable for 

To take on your second query, it would be possible to produce a Jaws that 
could run from a pen drive.  I still personally have my doubts about the Pen 
concept as it is being sold. here are my reasons for what it is worth.

1    In order to get Dolphin Pen or Jaws Pen (assuming there was one) you 
would first need to install a video interceptor for Windows 2000 or XP. 
This process would have to be done either by sight or use of narrator.  In a 
work place or internet café you will be unlikely to have the user 
permissions to install this component.  Dophin in their literature 
emphemistically describe sites as being "Dolphin Pen friendly", this 
actually means a site where somebody has alraedy installed the dolphin video 
interceptor on it's PCs.

2    Secondly in order to do the above job you need to be a computer 
administrator, this is not a problem usually at home where you have your own 
PC, but in a work place or a library or internet café then you would not be 
able to do the first part of your installation even assuming you can find a 
USB port to plug into.


Tristram Llewellyn
Sight and Sound Technology
Technical Support

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Hi Adrian,
Can I pose the question is there a Jaws pen and if not is there going to be 
one developed? just thought I would ask.
all the best
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  yes - primarily don't ask about it on a jaws specific list.
  you're asking a very product specific question on a list whose purpose is 
very explicitly in relation to a different product made by a different 
company so don't be surprised if you don't get the information you are 
looking for.

  but, grumpy old git attitude a-sside:
  there's nothing much to say about the dolphin pen product that you can't 
tell from the name.
  it's your dolphin product of choice on a pen drive.
  it runs from the pen drive not from the computer hard drive so you can 
easily move it from one machine to another.

  that isn't however to say that it will work immediate on any machine you 
plug it in to, as you will need to install a small driver utility on any 
machine you want to be able to use in conjunction with the pen. there after 
however it is just a matter of plugging in or pulling out the pen.

  the product is best suited to anyone who needs to use a dolphin software 
access products on a number of machines repeatedly. not suited for use on a 
large number of machines each of which you will use once or very 

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    Does anyone have any information and/or details regarding the Dolphin 

    Regards, Angela.

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