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Messagehi Robin, thanks for that.

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  Hi Jim,

  Not aware of what O/S you've got on the laptop but on here, I go to the 
control panel, alt V for the view menu and arrow down until you see your icons 
which will be checked. Below that should be list which you should now check 

  Once you change that, escape out of there back to the CP, alt T for tools, 
folder options and control tab to the view tab. Press space bar on the apply to 
all folders button, save on the way out and that should do it.

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    I asked this question on another well known list, but didn't get any 
answers, so I'm hoping someone on this list can help.

    I'm using a new laptop computer and everything is in icons mode and I would 
like to change evrything to list view, how can this be achieved?

    Your help will be appreciated.

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