[jaws-uk] Bt Broadband Tonm Read

  • From: "Dorothy Ingram-Gorban" <dorothy.ingram-gorban@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <jaws-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2007 14:00:07 +0100

I have a problem and am not sure  how alike  mine is to yours. I lost my
phone line connection last Wednesday evening.  I also lost my Broadband
connection and laptop  same time.
just before it  completely vanished I tried the faults department 151 it
said "you are not a Bt customer"  I have not ever been with any other I
managed to do the 195 and an operator said she could not type in my Tel
number  it has to be from my phone, I insisted she  hold on to me and listen
whilst I  did  what the faults asked, she knew I was putting the right Tel
Number and was baffled as I was. She said she would  ask an Engineer to come
as I have something called TC total care. I  managed  whilst the line was
hissing and what sounded like running water could be heard to  get Zen  my
Broadband  provider and they  looked at the BT line and said it was
collapsing it seems you Broadband ISp can  watch your line. I said  each
time we have heavy rain I lose my line I am within a 1 -2 miles of the  BT
Exchange.   this happens  so often I am  pretty mad a Bt Man comes from
something called Outreach or reach out, you will know as Bt  contracts out
work.  He turns up not  24 hours later but days on Friday , my  line which
has had tinkering noises going and the fault line tell me  as they now
accept I am  their client falt line say "fault is near you" whenn the Bt Out
reach  comes  he picks up  phone and says "nothing wrong with line I am
goind to send you a bill! I ask him for his name, he refuses to give it to
me. I say I cannot see whatever Id you have so your name please,  he  clears
off. Later as my calls have been routed to a friends house we reverse the
procedure same Bt Man rings me and cuts off 3 times but doing  1471 I pick
up his number. He is bad tempered  denies he refused to give me his name. He
says you need BT wholesale I ask Zen  and  they say no it is Bt  line. I
have to get in an Engineer to  fix my  Router an edimax and I have a laptop
also no connection.  engineer tinkers about a lot does not know what a Wep
number is I phone Zen who tell me how to tell him to find the WEP number we
get a connection.  on both. I am given a bill for £120  which I have to pay
obviously.  next day damned connection on laptop is gone again I  phone
Engineer and he has to reset the  Wireless and I ask him to give me my Wep
number. Meanwhile I phone three neighbours and all have Ok Wireless
connections. I ask  is your Wireless secure encrypted. They have not a clue
I say to you have a WEP number, Three families all professionals have no idea
what a Wep number is. Ok sorry for this long saga, but Bt Outreach or
whatever the damned name is is not going to  do a thing that eats into their
profits, example,My cables need moving from a drain which gets waterlogged
three times a year. We do not have Cable in my bit of town  I am stuck. I
cannot make them  reroute my  cables I am being sent a bill for a rude Bt
engineer. What would you do if you were .
Dorothy. I once wrote to the Chairman of BT Head office in fact I sent him a complaint on audio tape and Head Office lost it. I was so angry by now, I said I still have a few lousy BT shares and this Mr chairman is why I am going to sell them and was it you Sir who appeared on Desert Islands Discs saying how well you had done?

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