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"Thanks for that Derek, but I haven't heard of Essex Smart Security before 

There's a first time for everything! *smile*

Eset is a great product indeed. You'll find that many on this list are using it 
and swear by it too. It is just what you asked for, low memory consumption, 
very powerful and protects you against almost all kind of threats. Just Google 
Eset or NOD32 and see what people are saying.

Kaspersky is a good AV but it's not screen reader friendly.

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  Thanks for that Derek, but I haven't heard of Essex Smart Security before 
today, and I'd prefer to go for one that I've heard of really.
  Does anyone else have recommendation for what anti-virus & spyware package is 
good, not memory hungry, runs scheduled scans and doesn't cost too much?  And 
it needs to work with Jaws.   Kaspersky seems to have good reviews, but does it 
work with Jaws?   Otherwise what about Avast, is that a good package to get?
  Thanks very much.
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    I suggest you download a 30 day trial version of Essex smart security.
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      What do people recommend for a good anti-virus & spyware package?  I'm 
looking for one that does both anti-virus and spyware at the same time, that 
will do regular updates and scheduled scans, is not too memory/processor hungry 
and costing no not much more than about £25 a year.  With Windows XP.

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