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  • Date: Fri, 4 Nov 2005 14:45:09 -0000

Hello Gordon  Could you please give me the link to get this  program.
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  Hi Ron
  The price was about £47 including VAT. The new batch they've had in is even 
cheaper by a couple of pounds.
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    I'm confused.  It says in the blurb that it is free, but there must be a 
price?  Where is it and how much.  I put the details into Google and yes there 
are other suppliers.


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      Apologies for double posting but I thought some in both camps might be 
interested in this.

      I've posted the spec below and if anyone's interested I can post the 
exact link from ebuyer (although it's apparently widely available)

      It's called:
      . Freecom DVB-T TV USB Stick **Ultra compa...

      and it works extremely well. It's a complete freeview box just the size 
of a memory stick. For once, after trying many other tuners and softwares, it's 
the first one I've found that is completely accessible to Jaws.  All that is 
described below works well. The Electronic Program Guide works pretty 
flawlessly - pressing Ctrl and 'E' in the Control Panel of the program brings 
it up - you choose your channel, it accesses the program listings from the 
internet and once yo tab down to the relevant box you choose a program and 
choose it - it is then placed in the recording presets and will be recorded at 
the correct time. Everything is accessed by keypress, and even the audio 
description can be accessed and works. (Apparently the picture's good too, the 
sound certainly is.)

      It's designed to be portable and plugs int a laptop. Unless you're in a 
strong signal area the supplied portable digital ariel probably won't work well 
- it could probably be benefited by a booster or perhaps a new separate boosted 
portable freeview portable area could be purchased. However when connected to 
the appropriate house ariel it works a treat. At about £45 it's a very welcome 
and acceptable way to watch high quality TV on your desktop and to record to 
DVD for future viewing.

      I hasten to add I get no commission for this but for once anew product 
like this coming out of the box accessible is quite a wonder.


      Gordon McFarlane
      Watch and record Digital TV or listen to Digital Radio on your desktop or 
notebook. It's free!
      List of 18 items
      . Watch FREE TO AIR Digital TV on your notebook or desktop
      . Listen to FREE TO AIR Digital Radio in your office, car, anywhere.
      . Record Digital TV shows with the Electronic Program Guide (EPG).
      . Fully resizable TV, up to full screen.
      . Auto channel scan and name recognition.
      . Detachable DVB-T antenna for the best transmission.
      . Time shift allow you to continue from where you pause a live show.
      . Installs in seconds without opening your notebook or desktop PC.
      . Burn recorded video to CD/DVD.
      . USB compliant, works simultaneously with any other USB device.
      . Small dimension 28 x 86 x 15 mm.
      . Compatible with Windows XP.
      . No AC adapter is needed, the DVB-T stick is USB buspowered.
      . All Freecom devices meet the highest industry standards.
      . Unlimited free helpdesk support.
      . 2 years manufacturers warranty
      . Remote Control Included


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