[jaws-uk] Re: A WindowEyes question.

  • From: Colin r. Howard <colin@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: jaws-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2010 10:33:25 +0100


thanks doris.

I had a reply from the bcab list which seems to answer my question, here it

From: "Wendy Sharpe" <w.sharpe@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I have just gone through the manual section on working with the internet,
and getting a list of links, or anything else, seems a bit more complicated
than it is with JAWS.  Here is the section from the manual.

INS-TAB  - Page Navigation: Displays the Available
dialog. This dialog contains a list box displaying all available links,
frames, tables, headings, lists, anchors, forms, controls, and placemarkers
for the current web page. You can move through the list box by arrowing up
and down, press the first letter of the option you want until you get there
or start spelling out the specific name you want until you find it. By
default, links are displayed, and are in the order they are displayed in the
web page. You can view links, frames, tables, headings, lists, anchors,
forms, controls, or placemarkers by selecting the appropriate radio button.
If you wish you can use the radio button in the dialog to sort the links
alphabetically instead. All items aside from Headings and Links can only be
listed in the order they appear on the page. If you are viewing links, after
selecting the link you want, you can either activate the link or simply move
the pointer to the link without activating it by selecting the appropriate
button. The default button causes the link to be activated. If you push the
Focus Link button instead, the pointer will simply move to the link without
activating it. This is a great way to get some context around the link. All
other items, however, can only be focused; they can not be activated. There
are accelerators for each of the options in the list box as well. ALT-L
displays links. ALT-R displays frames. ALT-T displays tables. ALT-H displays
headings. ALT-I displays lists. ALT-N displays anchors. ALT-O displays
forms. ALT-C displays controls. ALT-M displays placemarkers. ALT-S activates
the list of items. ALT-P sorts the list in alphabetic order. ALT-W sorts the
list in web page order. ALT-A will activate the link currently highlighted
and remove the dialog. ALT-F will move the pointer to the link, frame,
table, heading, list, anchor, or form in the web page and remove the dialog.

So press insert tab, and you get to a dialog box.  Links is at the top of
the list, and you tab to the list of links.  If you want any other kind of
list, such as frames, so back to the first list and cursor down till you get
to frames.  Then tab to the list of frames.  To activate tab across to the
activate button and press enter.

From Colin Howard, who lives in a small place near Southampton and whose late 
mother on seeing his great gut preceding the rest of him into the room, would 
often ask him "When are you having those twins you're carrying?"
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