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Hi Maks,

i'm sorry to hear that you can't even check out Jala. Opensvn appearently has 
severe stability problems recently, so we're already looking for other trac/svn 
hosting providers.

I've put a snapshot of the current Jala trunk on my server, you can get it at 


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H Tobi,

For the last week ro so I've been trying unsuccesfully to checkout the
current trunk from svn (all I get is timeout errors, though I can "list
the top-level contents of trunk, so I am connecting just to slowly I
Any chance you could publish a nightly snapshot of trunk for now as I'm
keen to try out the new Mp3 code.


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> Hi there
> Just a short notice about current activities concerning Jala, 
> our lovely Helma modules library.
> First of all, we are eagerly looking for a new Trac and 
> Subversion hosting provider.
> The nice guys at the University of Taiwan really made it easy 
> for us to kick off our efforts to get Jala in the open source 
> space conveniently by providing their services at opensvn.csie.org.
> However, in the meantime our requirements have multiplied 
> (especially concerning administration and performance) and 
> thus, a change is inevitable.
> If you should know a service (free or commercial) you can 
> recommend to us please don't hesitate and write to 
> jala-dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx or add a comment to the corresponding 
> ticket [1].
> Minimum requirements are Trac version 0.10.1 or higher and an 
> easy way to import as well as export both, the Subversion 
> repository and the Trac environemnt.
> Of course, this change shouldn't affect our current efforts 
> to improve Jala with bug fixes and new features.
> In fact, we just fixed the desired release date for version 
> 1.2 and we are already working on the changes we'd like to 
> see included [2].
> If you have any suggestions or feedback you'd like to see 
> included in 1.2, too, just go ahead and let us know.
> Best regards,
> Tobi
> --
> [1] https://opensvn.csie.org/traccgi/jala/ticket/45
> [2] https://opensvn.csie.org/traccgi/jala/roadmap

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