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Hi Sue

I hope as from this version however you will be saying "cancel that" rather than "click cancel" (smile). I am sure you will.

We think it is quite important to teach people to use the J-Say phrasing as opposed to the Dragon phrasing and I am sure we will be extending this kind of terminology in the coming versions. As Terry eloquently said in his part of the Main Menu presentation, we hope that people will think that they are using J-Say, as opposed to JAWS and Dragon. To follow this example a little, the term "click cancel" means nothing to a blind person because they do not click anything. However "cancel that" is more effective.

I think that now we have the special command interface in place, and additional tools such as J-Say contacts, this is the start of working towards a very dedicated interface for non-visual voice input/output users.

But to return to the original point Chris made, we will certainly look at this. We have put in a lot of extra code because there were many situations (in this varied depending upon the Office version being used) where if you were dictating in the body field, on exiting the correction box Dragon would move to an alternative field. We have tried to put some checks in to rectify this situation should it happen and I am sure access to the correction box will be an ongoing issue we will work on in every upcoming version in some form or another.

Brian Hartgen

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I've experienced the same thing. In fact it happened during a presentation
in Los Angeles last March. What I did then and what I still do is simply
say, "click cancel," and then try again. No idea why it happens but there
you are.

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Sometimes when I'm in the body of an e-mail message and I have to go into
the correction dialog box I still get excessive chatter while in the
correction dialog box. What I mean by excessive chatter is a lot more than
box open and box closed. If it matters to my knowledge I have everything
set up correctly within Microsoft Outlook 2003. This behavior only happens
when it wants to. I have not taken the time yet to track down when it
happens and when it does not. I know it happened when I was replying to a
e-mail message while ago. But it did not happen while writing this e-mail

Thank you for reading.


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