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Hi Brian,
I don't know if any podcasts can be done about this, but I'm tired of j-say not 
understanding me. I've had to do so many corrections after I would verbally 
speak a document.
However, I could be wrong, because maybe that's how all speech recognition 
works. If it is, then speech recognition is not ready for primetime use as the 
only way to use a computer or smart phone.
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  Hi everyone!


  Now that J-Say 10 has been released, we would like to produce some more short 
podcasts focusing upon using J-Say to good effect.


  With excellent help from Sue Martin, we updated the podcasts when J-Say 9.0 
was released to reflect its new features.  I certainly intend in the near 
future to record a podcast demonstrating the new custom menu feature and some 
examples of its use.  But we were wondering if there are any other topics 
people may like to have demonstrated in very short audio podcasts?  These are 
not a substitute for training but a short overview as to how a particular 
function works.  J-Say contacts may be a good example of a podcast we may 


  Here is a list of the items we produced at thhe 9.0 stage.


  Introduction which included some basic dictation.


  My Words.

  Selecting Files in Windows Explorer.

  Program Markers.

  Folder Shortcuts.

  J-Say and Audio Transcription.


  Proof Reading.


  All suggestions are very welcome and thanks for reading!





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