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Bearing in mind that "express spelling" is not supported by J-Say as it
is a very visual utility.



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What is express spelling sir?



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Issue 1. Try a 'correct that' after email jake wilson shows up in the to
line...if the my words utility has added this with a spoken form it
should show as one of the choices; and the issue is a matter of
'reprioritizing' the phrase for Dragon.  On the other hand if it's not
in the choice list we'll want to revisit.


Issue 2. You may want to try express spelling instead of calling the
spell box and see if it behaves differently.




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Thanks to all who responded on the last issues.  Just read them now and
will be trying with my client tomorrow.  Here are two more.


Again, running Vista Business and Office 2007 with JSay 6.  This one
concerns the My Words utility.  We've been creating contacts in
Outlook's Contacts and then doing Confirm that which brings up the My
Words.txt and adds the appropriate line.  We reboot the computer and I
check the My Words.txt and see that it has the correct syntax.  When we
compose a new email and say Email Jake Wilson in the To field it writes
'Email Jake Wilson' in the To field instead of putting in the email
address jwilson@xxxxxxxx  Any suggestions?  It seems that just having
the contact in Outlook is almost good enough as you can just say Luke
Wilson in the To field and the autocomplete picks it up quite nicely as
long as you've said that email address at least once.


The second issue concerns the Find from Top or Find from Here and using
the Spell utility to insert a word into the Find field.  When you bring
up Find from Top or Find from Here and say Spell, the Spell dialog often
goes right to the Taskbar and you have to switch to next Window to bring
it up.  When you spell out a word and say confirm that, the Spell box
goes away and it also sends the Find dialog away.  Any suggestions?


many thanks,



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