[j-say list] I believe I have found another bug in J-say version 4.

  • From: "Chris Jenkins" <saveup@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <j-say@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2006 19:33:00 -0400

From within Outlook 2003 and focuses on the inbox in my message list.  If I
ask for the command index when I move to the selection that I want to make
within the virtual viewer.  When I say confirm that JFW says the message is
opened and the link that I'm trying to activate within the virtual viewer is
not activated.  I am it that it could be some setup differences in my system
but I don't think so.

Also it looks like to me the cycle hourly announcement command was either
intentionally or unintentionally removed from the J-say clock commands.
When I read through my manual that command is still showing and I was one of
the ones that enjoyed having JFW do the hourly announcement.  However I did
think of some improvements for that command for a future version.  The
improvement would be to be able to set if you wanted the hourly announcement
on or off and it be saved across Windows sessions so you would not have to
set it to on each time you wanted to start the computer.

Yes I really enjoy the new features and the better accuracy of Dragon
NaturallySpeaking professional version 9 combined with J-say version 4.

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