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I'm in normal mode; I checked. it is premium, but the other instructor says she can use commands in premium.

At 07:46 AM 2/17/2012, you wrote:
Yes, in general Dragon is funtioning in Normal Mode, allowing both dictation and basic commands.

I have had occasions where clients get switched to Dictation Mode, and then commands don't work. They usually have been unable to tell me how they got switched, but when I have them verify the mode, and then switch back to Normal Mode, all is well.

It would be worth checking which mode you are in.


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shouldn't it function with commands out of the box. It would take a great
deal of time to switch modes each time you wish to issue a command.


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It sounds like Dragon is probably in Dictation Mode.  When in this mode, it
will only transcribe what you say, not perform any commands.

I don't know what the J-Say command is that allows you to check which Dragon
Mode you are in, but you can switch to Normal Mode by saying

"Normal Mode On"

J-Say/JAWS should echo the command switch (if you have command echo on).

Once in Normal Mode, you should be able to use the command functions.

Give that a try and see what happens.

For reference, the Dragon Recognition Modes are as follows:

Normal Mode - allows both dictation and command processing Dictation Mode -
only performs dictation Command Mode - only processes commands, will not
type anything Numbers Mode - only wants to hear numbers, other
dictation/commands will either not be processed or will be interpreted as a
number (usually with bizarre results) Spell Mode - only wants to hear
letters, other dictation/commands gives inaccurate results.  I've found this
mode to be cumbersome, since if you pause in spelling, it inserts a space
wherever the pause is

Hope that helps.


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I'm new to speech input, and assume I have something set wrong somewhere.
When I dictate, Dragon is happy.  When I say 'move down one', Dragon types
it into my document.  When I say "press control n"
it either ignores me or goes ting.  How do I explain that I am


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