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>> Subject: [iyonixlinux] Current position of Linux
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>> Hi,
>> It seems a long time since any postings appeared here.
>> Was a later version of Linux released that worked on RO versions later
>> 5.11?
> AFAIK Nothing for the FX5200, and it is still at 2.4 Kernel.
>> I wrote an article on installing Linux a few years back for Archive
>> Mag, and someone has found them and is trying to do an install, but it
>> keeps falling over when running dinstall at this point.
>> scsi0 : SCSI host adapter emulation for IDE Atapi devices
>> Trident 4DWave/SiS 7018/ALi 5451,Tvia CyberPro 5050  PCI Audio,
>> version 0.14.10h. 16:17:56 Feb 19 2004
>> trident: ALi Audio Accelerator found at 10 0xef00, IRQ 33
>> Can anyone give me a clue as to what the problem is? The machine is
>> running RO5.11.
>> thanks
>> John
> I haven't read your article, so dont know what point you are at.
Yep, good point. The install is falling during the running of 
dinstall, so it is quite early on in the procedure.
> Assuming you are talking about the old Nvidia and not an FX5200, the
> drivers had to be put in place manually. You had to know the PCI slot
> the video card resides in also.

I am trying to find out what cards were put into the Panther. The 
machine has 1Gb of ram, and that is ringing a bell somewhere.

> For me, it involved having the supplied drivers on a usb drive, which
> was then possible to mount from the Debian command line (during
> install? I cant remember now) for the purpose of copying/expanding
> them to the installation.
> I posted the procedure I used that worked at the time, but I cant see it
> anywhere now.
> The installing and editing is documented with the supplied
> parts from Castle though.
> Large Graphic Gui was painfully slow and buggy on mine, I'd suggest
> using something small like OpenBox, but you will only have what is
> available for armlinux with the 2.4 kernel.
> A few months ago I read an BSD/Arm guy was checking out the Iyonix
> graphics, but he mentioned only the early card. I haven't checked to see
> if there was progress made.
Thanks for your help.
> Ron M

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