[iyonixlinux] Woody3.0 r6

  • From: Ron <iyonix@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: iyonixlinux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2007 12:24:50 +1200

Hi,  I have managed to get an almost fully working installation, after
several attempts over the years. I am not so Linux savvy that I can go
in and fix messed up package handling, and I am aiming to get a step by
step method of installation that works. Basically, I have downloaded and
burnt the Debian Arm Cd at


and have put the Drivers, Kernel and the XFree86-Iyonix.tgz file from
the Castle site onto a usb drive.
This requires mounting the usb drive at the partition mounting stage.
I used /sda as the mount name to keep it related to the system
When the installer wants the kernel and drivers you have to steer it
away from the CD and to the USB device.

There are many options during the install, but I kept everything minimal
and only installed the 3 items X-window system, Desktop environment and
standard unix network server(nfs).

I have had problems in the past by not specifying the hardware clock as
being set to GMT even though the Riscos clock is set 12 hours ahead of
GMT. It used to reset the Riscos Clock when there was an untidy shutdown
(crash or similar)

Also, last time I let it go to the security site as well as using the CD
and it installed sarge packages which messed things up. So I am using
strictly whats on the Debian-3.0r6 CD's from now on.

There is package installation errors but by using 'try again' and
skipping the tasksel and fine tuning pages, I picked up one new file and
improved things a little.

I told it not to autoconf the XF86Conf-4 file when it asked, as this
file and others are put in place by the 'tar xfvz XFree86-Iyonix.tgz'
action. This file is but into the / directory by copying the archive
from the USB drive.
cp /sda/XFree86-Iyonix.tgz /XFree86-Iyonix.tgz

By using editor /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 you can change the pci slot no to
suit the position of the video card. Top slot(tower case) = 1:08:0
When rebooting or by using startx at the prompt the graphical desktop
should appear.

I found the KDE desktop to be fully working and the Gnome also except
for Mozilla which while it displays webpages in the webpage window area
ok, is not displaying any text in the url, hotlinks etc areas, and you
can only blind click or blind type there.

While booting up there is cant find module nls_cp437, nls_iso8859-1 etc
errors which may have something to do with it.
There was an option to allow use of Truetype fonts for Mozilla that I
didnt accept which might be worth a try next time.

I haven't stated all of the steps I took as it is not yet perfect, but
hopefully with a little(or a lot) more effort things will improve.

Cheers  -Ron    
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