[iyonix-support] Re: Problem installing Firefox-2-r2

  • From: Alan Leighton <alan.leighton2@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2007 11:58:27 GMT

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          Alan Leighton <alan.leighton2@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

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>           Paul Vigay <lists-nospam@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I am not a developer of your calibre, and I've no idea where to start on
>> fixing problems in Firefox. I don't even have the equipment needed to
>> compile it - as you've insisted in the past that I should buy another
>> (Linux) machine in order to compile stuff. I can't see what's so wrong
>> about using my Iyonix and Castle C compiler!
>> By repeatedly refusing to offer help or explain why things do wrong, a
>> large number of people are denied from using your otherwise useful Firefox2
>> port. Would you rather a quick 'bodge' which lets people try it out? or
>> just deny people the ability to use it, which kind of defeats the object of
>> porting it in the first place if people subsequently can't use it anyway.
> Please Paul do not remove your article as it is the only thing that
> helps folks. Do not be offended by this very sad man, in simple terms
> he is is own worse enemy and has a very insecure nature.
> As a person you are head and shoulders above him and we all appreciate
> you and all you do for our RISC OS world that we so enjoy.
> As my long departed mother would say "Don't give him another thought"
> or "Don't waiste  your breath on him"
> Cheers
Dreadfully sorry, this should have not gone out. It a massive mistake 
and I apologize profusely.  In my own way I had hoped a off line 
posting of support to Paul, whom we all regard highly would end this 
bickering. My negative remarks about Peter are totally out of order 
and I withdraw them unreservedly.

I think I had better unsubscribe.


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