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  • From: Peter Naulls <peter@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2007 19:26:20 -0800

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          Alan Leighton <alan.leighton2@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

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>           Peter Naulls <peter@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> It simply means that it is time to move on. You know from my previous
> postings that I support and appreciate all you do. I think this is an 
> exchange that needs to end and all of us should get behind you and 
> your efforts.

But this is precisely the point.  Move onto _where_?  RISC OS has no
focus, little development, and severe lack of coordination.  The Firefox
issue is just one facet of this.  No one is willing to do any
development on it (money has little to do with it, FWIW), or related
stuff.   We dismiss modern technologies like packaging because we insist
that installing RISC OS software is easy, when it blantantly isn't.  We
put up with liars like John Cartmell, and we dismiss developers with
considerable experience just because we don't like their answers.

I'm the only one who's presented any kind of consistent and practical
way to move forward with RISC OS (at least publically - I suspect ROOL
have many of their own ideas), and give it some of the applications is
so very desperately needs. I've done this despite very considerable
critisism, and invested literally thousands of hours of my own time for
very little money.   But if I'm going to be undermined because Paul
Vigay or anyone else can't be arsed to make any effort to cooperate and
be contempt with half-arsed and mediocre measures, then there really
isn't much point, and the decision for RISC OS to remain a backwards OS
has already been made.

So, once again, move onto where?  And don't say, "continuing Firefox
developement" because that misses the larger picture.

> As for getting you angry that was never and is never my intention.

I'm not angry.  Just gravely disappointed.

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