[iyonix-support] Printing with old kit

  • From: Ian A Dunn <i.dunn2@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: iyonix-support@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2007 18:55:42 +0100

ff this should have gone to hardware will so post and apologies .

Proud new owner of X100 USB2 enabled .

I tried to persuade CJE to sell me a new printer too but drivers as ever were an issue so they kindly sold me the USB connector which I have attached to my ancient but still functional BJC 7100 .

The printer is recognised as in no PDF so I copied across the one from the Risc PC . It complained it needed PDumperC6 which having found I deposited same inside appropriate folder in !Printers . Alas not 32 bit compatible . Tried a Google search with PDumperC6 as the term but nil returns . Had a quick look on Paul Vigay's site , the module lsit but again no help sadly . Introduced to Aemulor in case that would help and even clicked on it before trying to reinstall the PDF but alas no joy .

I have tried one or two likely looking other PDF in the Canon folder and I can print but it seems to come out as if on A5 paper ie rather samller than intended .

Has any one else resolved this issue or shall I spend some more money :-)



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