[iyonix-support] Re: No screen on Boot-up

  • From: tennant@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Tennant Stuart)
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  • Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2007 10:06:56 +0000

On Tue 20 Mar 2007 (07:46:16), Roger Arm wrote:
>On 19 Mar 2007, Tennant Stuart wrote:
>>               x_res:920
>>               y_res:600
>>               pixel_rate:36000
>> How would I make the screen a bit wider without dropping the Hz too much?

>Try increasing the pixel rate. 30kHz is very low!

You snipped out the part where David Ruck cleverly advised me to increase the
pixel rate to 44400, which then produced a slightly sharper picture at 62Hz.

>If your monitor can take about 60kHz, then bump it up to about that.

What happened was I then tried increasing the screen width to make better use
of the monitor, which can handle up to 1040x600 - but with each increment of
width, the frequency goes down. What I need to know is how to compensate for
this by increasing the pixel rate, since guestimating scrambles the display.

Please don't mention using MakeModes, since David says it's inappropriate for
this forum and in any case it's completely incomprehensible for the inexpert.

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