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  • Date: Thu, 01 Feb 2007 09:44:24 +0100

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          Dave Higton <davehigton@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

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>           JayCee <jaygcee@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> My Iyonix (5.12) seems to be suffering from more and more failures
>> like Apps gone wrong, losing the desktop fonts and reverting to the
>> system font, just locking up completely and little niggles like that.

>> It is getting old now and I would like to replace/upgrade and I would
>> dearly like to continue to use RISCOS.

> Let's sort our way through this.  You seem to have two problems:
> (1) reliability, (2) capability.  The two should be treated
> separately.
> (1) Reliability
> You need to get this sorted out, either by the dealer who sold it
> to you, or by Castle (maybe they are one and the same).  The two
> most likely culprits, based on the Iyonix's track record and stock
> faults, are the power supply and the hard disc.  If you're into
> DIY fixing, then this forum can help.  If you're not, then I'd say
> it's better to send the whole machine for repair so that it can be
> examined as a whole.
> (2) Capability
> Firstly, you don't need any computer to be compatible with everything;
> you need it to do what you want it to do.
> Browsers: NetSurf does lots, does it fast, for free, and is most
> definitely under constant development.  Firefox is the next one to
> try for troublesome sites.  However, it really pigs me off to have
> to admit that there are sites out there that work with nothing but
> IE (I can think of lots of nasty fates that I would like to befall
> the people who commit this crime) so it may be a fact of life to
> you - depending on what sites you want to visit.
> DVD: as I sit here, I realise that I've written DVDs on my Iyonix,
> but I don't know whether I've ever read them on it...!  DVDs are
> quite hit and miss even on Doze.
> Sound: it works mostly, though the quality isn't great.  I still
> hope and believe that it won't be long before sound becomes a real
> possibility on the Iyonix.
> Printer compatibility: Gimp-Print already gives you a wide choice
> of printers, and the choice will widen again with Martin Wuerthner's
> next release, which is under way.  All you need is one printer that
> is supported and meets your requirements; the rest are irrelevant.

Thanks to all who answered this thread; I think Dave may have hit a 
nerve here!

I shall take Druck's advice re cleaning the Iyonix boards etc as it 
certainly hasn't been done for a long time.

The 'final straw' which prompted my mail was after I had lost Firefox 
for some reason (which I shall spend today trying to rectify as well) 
and just after that when I clicked on the 'big blue button' to shut 
down I got an 'app has gone wrong' error.

But what Dave said has made me think and I now realise I probably leap 
to the PC when I can't do something on the Iyonix rather too readily 
as it is very convenient. I will be making an effort to try to work 
out how to do things on the Iyonix rather than doing that in future.

So, sorry if I have wasted bandwidth but at least it has made me look 
at my perceived problems in a different and hopefully constructive 

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