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  • Date: Sat, 02 Feb 2008 22:45:37 GMT

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> >  I have an Olympus SP-560UZ, it works fine connected to Iyonix &
> > picture transfer is faster than via a card reader. Although I accept
> > the above point re batteries.
> Some cameras will connect directly via USB and appear as removable 
> media (just to the left of the floppy on the icon bar). The camera 
> itself may need to be cofigured, via its own menus, to connect as a 
> memory device via USB.
> However some makes of camera - Canon is one of these - require 
> dedicated software to connect. It is, I think, a sort of TWAIN driver 
> and is supplied with the camera, but only for the Windows OS.
> Using a card reader seems to work for any type of camera and memory 
> medium; card readers are cheap and nowadays cope with almost every 
> type of memory card., though SCHC will possibly be a problem.

Use !ROFS to read anything over 2 GB, whether from a card reader
or direct from a camera.

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