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  • Date: Fri, 01 Feb 2008 18:14:45 GMT

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>> Since my additon of a new power supply and USB External hard disc for
>> my Iyonix, i'm quite keen to add some more new stuff to my Iyonix and
>> have a few things in mind but not sure what the best option is, so any
>> help and advice very much appreciated - (and apologies if this is
>> covering old ground)

>> Mouse
>> ---------
>> I use the standard Iyonix USB mouse but was given an Optical mouse to
>> try out, the control is superb and a lot better than a ball mouse,
>> however it only has 2 buttons and the mouse menu button is now a
>> scrolling wheel button in the middle (hope that makes sense) and
>> cannot get used to it, so does anyone know if there is a proper 3
>> button optical mouse (with Select,Menu & Adjust buttons) do such
>> things exist ?

> I have a Labtec mouse which also has a scroll wheel in the middle, but
> the scroll wheel is also a button. Have you tried clicking with the
> scroll wheel? I wouldn't be with out my scroll wheel now.

Mines a Labtec mouse too, probably the same one, i'm trying it again 
see how I get on, it's a shame not to use it really as the cursor 
control is so much better than a ball mouse.

>> Digital Camera
>> --------------------
>> I would imagine the ones that CJE Micros have listed will work OK with
>> an Iyonix but how can you be sure which ones will work and which
>> don't? I had access to an Olympus digital camera and tried to get it
>> to work with the Iyonix but got repsonse at all when I plugged it in.

> If a camera wont work directly then get a card reader instead. The two
> olympus compact cameras we have both work as does my Nikon SLR. What
> model of Olympus did you try?

I don't think the camera was the problem thinking about it now, the 
problem was with some adapter thing which was plugs into the USB port 
of the computer one and you plug the camera card in the other end, 
nothing happened, it was a bit of an old piece of equipment, maybe a 
different card reader would have worked ?

I was expecting it to behave like a hard disc really, plug in, and a 
directory will appear with all the files on the camera card displayed 
- is that right ?

The camera used was an Olympus D-490 Zoom 2.1 Megapixel. I don't think 
the camera can connect directly to the Iyonix can't see any USB 
sockets anywhere.



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